Thank you for visiting my website. Congratulations, you just took the first step to a life full of joy, success and fulfilment.

My name is Marie and I will make you discover the value of life and personal growth coaching. Let’s start this journey together so you could finally show your true and bright colours to the world.

Merci pour de votre visite sur mon site. Félicitations, vous venez de faire le premier pas vers une vie pleine de joie, de succès et de sentiment d’accomplissement.

Je m’appelle Marie et je vais vous faire découvrir la valeur du coaching de vie et de développement personnel. Commençons ce chemin ensemble que vous puissiez enfin montrer au monde votre véritable et vibrante nature.

I would thoroughly recommend Marie as a business and life coach. She is a very caring person and I found it so easy to talk to her. Her powerful coaching questions allowed me to come up with great solutions for myself.


I met Marie first time when I was very stressed and anxious about my job situation and a bit lost about my future in this regard. I experienced negative feelings that I never did before. Only by listening to me and giving me the time and space to talk, I started to look at things clearer. She also suggested me a few exercises which would help me find my career path