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Life is like a book. Never jump a chapter and continue to turn on the pages. Sooner or later, you will understand why every chapter was necessary- Bernard Werber

Hi, I’m Marie and I support individuals who are driven by a will to get “more” into their lives. I create a safe space where people can express themselves with honesty and humour, so they can re-own their right to dream big and make concrete-real life-baby steps towards what they want.

About you

∞ You have always been a “good girl” or a “good boy”.

∞ You have the feeling that you are not where you are supposed to be.

∞ You have a lot to say but express very little because you don’t want to sound selfish.

∞ You want to (re)discover your voice, who you are.

∞ You are open to new things in your life even though you are not sure if the yoga/meditation thing is for you.

∞ You are hopeful and you know that there’s more in life than what you hear on the news/social media.

∞ You have been fighting alone in this world for quite a bit and you could do with some loving support right now.

I’m a personal growth coach and I help people revealing their true self so they can fill their life with joy, purpose and fulfilment.

It probably sounds unrealistic from the place you sit right now, you probably think “it won’t work for me”, or it’s too much work, or it’s too late, or you’re too old- or any thought that prevented you from acting so far. And did those thoughts helped you with the life you wanted so far…?

It’s time you change the way you think about yourself, the time to be frank and honest, the time you finally face the fact that YOU are the only one who gets on your way. Which is great news, because that also means YOU are the one who can turn it all around!

And I deeply believe that you can do it, so let’s team up so you can finally show your true colours to the world! Find today what approach would suits you best here.

I would thoroughly recommend Marie as a business and life coach. She is a very caring person and I found it so easy to talk to her. Her powerful coaching questions allowed me to come up with great solutions for myself.

Annabelle, Dublin

I met Marie first time when I was very stressed and anxious about my job situation and a bit lost about my future in this regard. I experienced negative feelings that I never did before. Only by listening to me and giving me the time and space to talk, I started to look at things clearer. She also suggested me a few exercises which would help me find my career path

Sue, Dublin