About me


“I am a firm believer that human beings are here for higher purposes than just paying bills, and helping people to remember that and grow is the most amazing thing to witness. I’m truly grateful that I can share those incredible experiences with my clients”- Marie

Marie is a free spirit ball of energy and positivity. Sometimes she slows down- mainly when she sleeps.

She initially studied accounting and completed her master in 2004, before working for big accounting companies. However, from her first day of work, she confesses thinking “I am not going to do this my entire life”.

Despite her persistent efforts to “fit in the box” for the next decade, she surrendered in her mid-30s and decided to go with the flow and see what happens. And a lot happened- both professionally and personally. Few years and 2 expatriations later, she finally decided to focus on what she loves most: helping people to grow.

Her first career change in customer service helped her realize how good she was at helping small businesses and how much of a people person she is- she should have known that for her 11 years working hand in hand with entrepreneurs but she didn’t, she needed this experience for that.

In parallel, she went deep into personal development, for herself first, then decided to train as a life and business coach so that she could help the others too. She successfully graduated from the Irish Lifecoach Institute in 2019, after a 9 months training.

Originally from the French Basque country-where she spent almost all her life, she moved to Ireland in 2014 where she stayed 6 years, before moving to Germany for new adventures- at 2 this time.

She is passionate about anything personal growth, reading, writing and music. She absolutely loves her nephews, the smell of coffee, cooking/baking, autumn, travelling and adult colouring.

She coaches around her biggest life changes , first around being a happy entrepreneur who makes happy customers, the other one about being happy as a woman, independently of your relationship status.

She defines herself as being hard working, positive, reliable and resilient. Her coaching style is supportive and genuine, she will have no problem to be honest, but always with love and care.

You can also find Marie on Quora.com and ask her your questions, she will be happy to answer!

I would thoroughly recommend Marie as a business and life coach. She is a very caring person and I found it so easy to talk to her. Her powerful coaching questions allowed me to come up with great solutions for myself.

Annabelle, Dublin

I met Marie first time when I was very stressed and anxious about my job situation and a bit lost about my future in this regard. I experienced negative feelings that I never did before. Only by listening to me and giving me the time and space to talk, I started to look at things clearer. She also suggested me a few exercises which would help me find my career path

Sue, Dublin