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“Just imagine becoming the way you used to be as a very young child, before you understood the meaning of any word, before opinions took over your mind. The real you is loving, joyful and free”- Don Miguel Ruiz

Like a lot of students, I have never really felt the call for any career when came the time to chose. This is how I ended up studying and working as an accountant for more than 10 years. During all this time something didn’t want to leave me : an underlying feeling, a gut intuition that there was something else for me somewhere– without knowing what it was.

Looking for fulfilment, I started to travel in Europe, on my own. I had the best time ! During a trip to Ireland, the weirdest thing happened though : I felt home in a place I didn’t even know. Something clicked in me, I started to glimpse that what I was “supposed to do” was maybe not the right thing for me. Coming back (and to my own surprise), I heard myself announcing to the people around me : « I’m moving to Dublin ».

I spent my time there reshaping the aspects of myself that were not serving me anymore and it changed everything for me: I literally became someone else. I became aware and self conscious, I developed active listening and compassion, I realized my love for self growth, and, over time, I understood that a different future was possible- a future with infinite possibilities where I could be everything I wanted.

The more I realized and welcomed this into my life, the more things started to fall into place: I bonded with more inspiring people, found a ridiculously well paid job, and most importantly, met the most amazing and loving man. Together, we built a joyful and harmonious relationship I would have never ever dreamed of before. We have now moved to an other country to realize the billions of projects we have in mind: the adventure is just starting!

Along the way, I also realized that what I wanted to help people to discover themselves the same way I did. In addition to the personal skills I had gained over my journey, I trained as coach and have been practising coaching ever since! I’m also regularly attempting workshops, trainings, webinars etc to keep up to date and continue to be coached myself 🙂

I am a firm believer that human beings are here for higher purposes than just paying bills and helping people to remember that and grow is the most amazing thing to witness. I’m truly grateful that I can share those powerful experiences with my clients and every session leaves me full of energy and happiness.